‘Understanding of the self’ and satsang with Sri Vijay Gopala

We are delighted to introduce and invite you to the teachings of Vijay Gopala on Friday November 22nd to close this series we will end with the topic understanding of the self and Satsang.

The most beautiful and wonderful process of this existence is the understanding of the self. This understanding leads to the state of peace and harmony in day-­‐to-­‐day life. In this session the complete form of your self is made to experience.

19.30 – 21.00 SATSANGvijay

Mr. Vijay Gopala was brought up in Mysore. In this serene atmosphere his Father guided and taught him. He was schooled from an early age in all the eight branches of yoga. He went on to University in Bangalore and has a Masters Degree in philosophy.

He has knowledge of most religions and belief systems. And his specialization is Bhagavadgita and Greek philosophy. He has also got an advance diploma in development planning from the University of Mysore. His life experiences has made his teaching rich in expertise required for modern day life skills with the foundation of traditional strengthful inner qualities. It has resulted in a teaching methodology containing finer qualities of both eastern and western life skills.

He traveled throughout India and has studied with many teachers as well as interacting with many knowledgeable persons, delivering lectures on many subjects. Because of his background, he is fully aware of each persons ability when they come to him, and can lead them with the skill and wisdom required for any kind of transformation to take place through his teaching methodologies.
Presently he is functioning as Managing Director of SAGE Organization.

Location: Rusthoflaan 56 Rotterdam
Free parking after 18.00h.

This workshop is donation based. Please give a donation which values the teachings and efforts of Vijay Gopala and You-May. Thank you!

Please register by mailing may.duits@gmail.com, remind there are limited places available.

शुभ दिवाली Shubh Diwali! Happy Diwali!

Happy DiwaliDiwali is het Indiase feest van het Licht. In heel India steken mensen traditionele kleigebakken olielampjes aan. De diepere, spirituele betekenis achter het festival is die van ‘bewustwording van het Innerlijk Licht’. Tijdens de dagen van Diwali wordt de overwinning van het licht op de duisternis (het goede over het kwade) gevierd. Het Licht van de Wijsheid verslaat de Onwetendheid die onze ware aard verbergt. Dat wat of wie wij werkelijk zijn… Pure, eindeloos ZIJN!

Diwali duurt vijf dagen. Deze week staan de yogalessen in het teken van de viering van het (innerlijk) Licht!
Welkom maandag van 20.00-21.45u en/of donderdag van 19.00-20.15u; beiden zijn hatha yoga lessen. (let op: maandag is een speciaal ingelaste les vanwege het Diwali feest; wees welkom!)